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Clinical Attachment in the UK

The path to becoming a practicing UK doctor as an overseas student is a difficult one. Doubtless, many people give up when they see what’s required while others fail the tests, but that makes it an even more rewarding process – once you get through, you’ve proven yourself to be among the elite, dedicated to the noble cause of helping others and worthy of the title of Doctor.

As a foreign student, becoming a doctor in the UK means getting past four steps:

  • IELTS – English Language
  • PLAB 1 Exam
  • PLAB 2 Exam
  • Clinical attachment at a UK hospital


After these steps, the student can apply for a doctor’s licence. The first three are taken care of with proper application and studying, but the fourth, clinical attachment, poses a unique challenge – due to its competitiveness, finding a placement can be difficult. Indeed, some students find themselves in the position of looking for an attachment for months, which can be a very daunting and stressful time.

Success is in motivation though, and as the saying goes: the early bird catches the worm. To help aspiring doctors get the clinical attachment required to get the licence, Jobsite Direct is now offering help, partnering with you to make your hard work pay off without delays of months.

Unfortunately, we can’t create new attachment places, so there are still limited numbers. In order to make the most of the opportunity, you need to book quickly to avoid disappointment – booking can take place very early though, prior to the PLAB exams being completed, so if you feel confident about passing the tests, enrol now to get your clinical attachment sorted in time, providing you much deserved peace of mind.


Enrol on Clinical Attachment

Due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic with great reluctance we have made the decision to stop accepting new applications until further notice.