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Internships & Graduate Scheme in the UK

When we’re young we envisage ourselves as successful when we become adults – working in a great job that we enjoy and raking in the cash. Then we get older and realise that it isn’t as easy as we thought – not only does growing up involve confidence issues, spots, learning to talk to the opposite sex and having to study for classes that we don’t even want to understand, it also involves presenting ourselves well enough to make someone offer us a job. It’s as if they didn’t notice how utterly brilliant we are at everything and they should be grateful to have the opportunity to invite us on the team!

Sadly, no, it doesn’t work that way and our self-belief of brilliance isn’t always grounded in reality – not only do other people have the audacity to apply for an interview as well, but they’re often better candidates than we are. Better grades, more experiences, volunteer work on their CV. It’s like we’re being set up to fail from the starting post.

It’s not all gloom, though. Escaping your parents’ house and standing on your own two feet is only a job away, and one of the strongest weapons to get that job is undertaking an internship. Internships are helpful in multiple ways:

  • They demonstrate your motivation
  • They look awesome on your CV, and that increases your chances of getting an interview
  • They prove you’re willing to work for nothing in order to get ahead in your career
  • They give you experience


Put another way, not having an internship leaves you with no experience, no sign of motivation, and a gap on your CV that says to an interviewer “Proficient in procrastination, highly ranked on Call of Duty”.

So how do you get an internship anyway? You could just call up a company that interests you and ask for one. You may get lucky – who turns down free workers? On the other hand, because internships are out-of-this-world amazing for a jobseeker, they’re competitive. So like interviews, you need to look good. Suddenly you need an internship to be appealing enough to get an internship!

But don’t despair, Jobsite Direct is here! We’re committed to helping people through their career development stage. We team up with you, strap a helmet on and plough through the bustling streets of the zombie work-wanters to get to the front of the queue and kick down the employer’s door – “Your intern is here!” we declare. We’ve got you covered in a lot of industries, too – technology fan? Check. Want to help people on the NHS? Check. Investment banks? You’ve got it. We’re that good. If you visit the site and sign up, you’ll see just how good “that” is. But be quick – once others read this, they’ll be clambering for your spot.


Enrol on Internship

Due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic with great reluctance we have made the decision to stop accepting new applications until further notice.