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Application Support Manager (RCSC Dubai)

Job summary:

The Application Support Manager leads and manages Customer Support Application teams and their activities for Middle East customers. The role also supports the implementation of and consistent execution against vision and strategies for the RCSC hotline and technical support function; ensures successful execution of vision and strategy and optimal business performance in addition to ensuring that appropriate documentation, application methodology, product design and Hotline plans are in place for the division's product offerings and executed in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with varying customer needs.

The role is also responsible for ensuring customer service issues are resolved; managing the interface between the Customer Support organisation and related business areas; partnering with cross-functional affiliate, regional and/or global functions and colleagues to address product and customer needs. Moreover, the role selects, develops and evaluates employees ensuring the efficient operation of the function; assures Application Training is designed and implemented as well as analyses dashboards to assure all RCSC KPI's are met.

As an Application Support Manager, you will collaborate with internal and external partners. The internal team consists of Sales teams; Marketing team; Product Managers; Technical Services department; IT department; CSC team; Logistics department; MC. Externally, you will be dealing with Labs Clinical Heads, Lab technicians, Clinical personnel and other Lab staff; Hospital Administrations and Lab staff; Blood Banks and Transfusion Center staff as well as 3rd party supplier Companies.

Your Responsibilities
  • Lead a team who are providing a high quality application support response which is consistent and in line with the changing requirements of the customer and the business areas
  • Maintain and present a professional image of Roche and the Service Department within the market place (including punctuality, customer communication, customer contact, presentation and professionalism)
  • Ensure that the application team is fully competent and knowledgeable, up to date and multi-skilled on the various product lines
  • Contribute to achieve quantitative (Sales, KPI, etc.) and qualitative targets
  • Develop strategies aligned with customer satisfaction surveys and on-going customer and business area Feedback
  • Plan and facilitate user-group meetings to address any customer issues, queries as well as further build awareness of Roche and our range of solutions
  • Guarantee the right resource allocation, providing assistance for installations and customer trainings
  • Guarantee the activity reporting at the CRM software, and appropriate escalation of product issues to RCSC
  • Effective people leadership as demonstrated by the Leadership Commitments
  • Assure streamline of Processes and Objectives through RCSC E-L are fulfilled
  • Adapt Training Centre training plan to the marketing tactical plan
  • Streamline with global teams product support strategies
  • Assures the Digital Service tools are implemented as per E-L KPI's

All service activities and behaviour in business must be in compliance to Roche standards expected on all Roche employees.

Who You Are

  • You hold a Bachelor’s degree in life sciences, laboratory, Biochemical or equivalent
  • You built at least 5 years of practical application experience in IVD or medical device industry
  • You possess the knowledge of Roche product and service range, processes and practices
  • You are able to handle/solve problems and troubleshooting
  • You are a Customer focus and solution oriented person
  • You have the Visionary mindset
  • You are a People Leader who possess excellent planning and organising skills in terms of work load management and delegation
  • You perfectly possess team/people interaction and convincing skills
  • You are a Dynamic, an easy-going and highly motivated person, with personal initiative, business drive and ability to achieve goals with minimal direction
  • You are able to adapt to the change management from the traditional way of working to the digitalisation
  • You speak and write fluently the Arabic and English languages

Job Level:

  • Individual contributor
We are Roche.

We believe it’s urgent to deliver medical solutions right now – even as we develop innovations for the future. We are passionate about transforming patients’ lives. We are courageous in both decision and action. And we believe that good business means a better world.

That is why we come to work each day. We commit ourselves to scientific rigour, unassailable ethics, and access to medical innovations for all. We do this today to build a better tomorrow.

We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We are many, working as one across functions, across companies, and across the world.

Our Areas of Expertise

Research & Development

Early Research and Product Development are the scientific engine of our company. Finding and identifying potential molecules, new diagnostic tests or new approaches to interpret data are exciting moments at Roche. Knowing that these can improve or even save lives is the key driver to complete the development and approval process in the most efficient possible way. And in order for a molecule or test to become an approved product, our colleagues in Regulatory affairs liaise with the health authorities to bring it to the market.

Manufacturing & supply

At Roche, the area of Manufacturing, Quality and Supply is one of the largest units in the company. Every day, we have to ensure a seamless operation in order to provide life-saving medicines to patients worldwide. We also produce and deliver in-vitro diagnostics solutions to provide physicians and patients with the best possible information for their treatment decisions as well as for the monitoring of the therapy. Quality Assurance and Quality Control maintain the high standards expected from our products.


As an engineer at Roche, you’ll be working on challenges that have an impact on millions of people. We have a wide range of departments where engineering expertise is business critical: From developing new kinds of devices, maintaining our diagnostics machines in the field, setting up and keeping our production facilities running, to ensuring that our infrastructure enables all colleagues at Roche to pursue our common goal: to improve the lives of patients.

Digital & Technology

Our teams working across our digital and information technology areas are literally changing healthcare through technology. Supporting our business and ensuring we have high performing technologies at hand, developing new solutions (hardware and software) and technologies, and building qualitative data and insights to drive innovations for patients and business are the key responsibilities.

Commercial, Marketing & Communications

At Roche, we create medical solutions from the prevention, detection and diagnosis of disease all the way to therapy and monitoring. Our Commercial, Marketing & Communications teams work tirelessly to ensure access to our products are available, marketing strategies and initiatives are in place to support sales and customer experience as well as upholding the Roche brand and providing effective communications to all of our stakeholders.

Business Strategy & Finance

Our teams working across business strategy and finance areas are responsible for driving strategic initiatives. From supporting and driving business development across our company, to managing procurement and financial direction and maintaining a high level of compliance and strong legal guidance. Our business strategy and finance disciplines ensure that we are innovative and living our purpose by doing now what patients need next.

Additional Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in life sciences
  • laboratory
  • Biochemical

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