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Junior Engineering Maintenance Assistant - The Emirates Group, Dubai

Job description & summary:

To assist aircraft technicians in carrying out maintenance activities on Emirates fleet and third party aircrafts and components in accordance with laid down procedures and regulations. The role holder forms part of a team reporting to a Licensed Aircraft Engineer and always works under the supervision of a senior staff.

Qualifications & Experience
  • Engineering Maintenance Control: No Work Experience
  • Ten-year school or equivalent education
  • Knowledge/skills:
    • Demonstrated ability to safely and effectively operate equipment, machinery, and tools required for the role
    • Capable of understanding and following verbal and written instructions.
    • This is a safety-sensitive position with potential exposure to:
      • Working at heights
      • Exposure to hazardous energy systems
      • Heavy lifting - Working in areas with motorised mobile equipment
      • Work in confined spaces
      • Contact with contamination's materials (Humans/Animals/Chemicals)
      • Contact with dangerous good
      • Able to work in an extremely noisy and heat environment
      • Capable of working with pressurised substances
      • Exposure to fixed protruding sharp objects
      • Exposure to contact with moving/falling objects
      • Must possess airport driving permit
      • Operation of vibrating equipment is required
Salary & Benefits

Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world.

Company: The Emirates Group
category: Engineering
Schedule: Full-Time
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

About Company

The Emirates Group is a well-known conglomerate based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is primarily known for its aviation-related businesses, including Emirates Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world. The group also includes other subsidiaries like Emirates SkyCargo and Emirates Holidays, involved in various aspects of travel and tourism.

The Emirates Group is perhaps most famous for its flagship company, Emirates Airlines. Established in 1985, Emirates has grown to become one of the world's largest and most respected airlines. It operates a vast fleet of modern aircraft and offers a wide range of international flights to destinations around the globe. Emirates Airlines is known for its high-quality service, including luxurious amenities for passengers.

Why us

Fixed Compensation for Dubai based roles

  • Competitive base salary, paid tax free and reviewed annually
  • Accommodation or a cash alternative
  • Transport or a cash alternative

Variable Compensation for Dubai based roles

  • Role specific allowances – payable to those in specialist roles or who have specialist skills
  • Eligibility for the Emirates Group Profit Share scheme – an annual scheme that pays out to all eligible colleagues if the Group profit target is exceeded

Benefits (contractual)

  • Medical insurance; Life insurance; Personal accident / Workmen’s Compensation – insurance to ensure you are appropriately covered for medical treatment, emergencies and accidents whilst employed by the Group.
  • Education Support Allowance – assistance with the cost of your eligible children’s education in Dubai or abroad, applicable to eligible grades only.
  • Annual leave – a minimum of 30 calendar days per year.
  • Annual leave travel – a return ticket home each year, paid for by the Group.
  • End of Service Benefit - a gratuity payment at the end of your service with the company which increases with your length of service.
  • Pension Scheme – a retirement savings plan, applicable to eligible grades and nationalities only.

Benefits (non-contractual)
Emirates Group Staff Travel – enables you, your family and friends to travel the world at discounted rates on Emirates Airline and selected other airlines.

Emirates Platinum Card – enables you to benefit from discounts on shopping, dining, entertainment, services, leisure and hotels from 1000’s of retailers in Dubai and around the world.

Our culture and diversity

The Emirates Group has a lot in common with Dubai. The languages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds that make up our group help us innovate and grow our business in exciting ways. For example, Emirates was the first to introduce onboard showers. We also believe that the customer experience we offer is really different. And of course, safety is paramount – it’s there in everything we do. In the Middle East, dnata was one of the earliest adopters of electric ramp vehicles and ‘smart’ battery charging. We have also introduced Vaculex loading aids in Dubai, which are safer for staff and more cost effective for customers.

Our initiatives

Our whole industry is committed to reducing aviation’s carbon footprint. As a group, we want to go further than that – and make sustainability and eco-efficiency the cornerstones of all group operations in the air, and on the ground. We go further than making a difference within the industry. At dnata4good, we come together to reach out and support children in need and endangered wildlife all around the world. The Emirates Airline Foundation is another way we are actively working towards creating a better world for children. We provide life-changing medical treatment, clean water and educational opportunities.

Additional Requirements
  • Airport driving permit
  • Heavy lifting
  • Exposure to heat and vibration
  • Safety sensitive position

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Featured jobs available on paid plans.Upgrade and start applying for Featured Jobs!
From just £12 a dedicated expert will place your CV application in front of the queue and negotiate with employers on your behalf. See our price plans